Keith Jordan is the founder and CEO of iTagged, a ‘next generation’ Augmented Reality platform. He has worked globally advising companies such as Sony, Virgin, Motorola, Apple and Microsoft in technical innovation and futurology. Keith will be talking about how augmented reality will herald the next paradigm shift in computing and how mixed reality will bridge our real and virtual worlds.

Jack Hayes is founder of Halo AR, a start-up doing R&D for advanced augmented reality hardware and developing prototypes to ship. Jack’s talk is on virtuality (virtual and augmented reality) past, present, future and featuring market trends, pioneer profiles, product teardowns and predictions.

Keith Lawler is co-founder, along with Neil Harrison, of Firstage.
Keith and Neil are two musicians who felt that the music industry needed a change and should be handed back to the artists. They came up with a solution that uses Augmented Reality to bring virtual gigs to the world. Allowing artists to play more gigs and fans to discover new
music in a brand new way.