November’s meetup is another joint-event between 3Dcamp Dublin and Irish VR. Registration ONLY from Eventbrite page (see link below).

We will hear presentations about –

(1) Mixed Reality Therapy

The term Mixed Reality is often used to refer to advanced and futuristic technology however in a sense all reality is mixed reality. Every day the physical, the virtual and the imaginary combine, sometimes smoothly and sometimes abruptly, to create our subjective experience. Mixed Reality Therapy refers to a variety of therapeutic approaches that recognise this interaction and seek to support participants in the successful navigation of mixed reality.

This talk will explore these themes and point to opportunities for greater collaboration between technologists and psychologists, scientists and artists, in universally promoting wellbeing and personal leadership. For a multimedia introduction visit and follow @JFLdotCOM on Twitter for regular updates.

John Francis Leader is a Consulting Psychologist and Cognitive Scientist who is passionate about people and their stories and uses his psychological training, in addition to his background in film-making, to assist individuals and organisations in making meaningful changes in how they think, feel and act.

John spends his time between facilitating training, consultancy and therapeutic work in private practice and academic research in the area of experiential therapeutic learning, with a particular interest in themes of immersion, presence, engagement and identification, which he conducts from the Cognitive Science Programme at University College Dublin.

In the area of applied and experiential learning John is the developer of a number of therapeutic approaches including (body[mind{self}])™ which emphasises embodied cognition, Mixed Reality Experience which focuses on harnessing varied reality conditions for therapeutic gain, and The ABCs™ positive psychological training method that highlights the enhancement of the common skills of Achievement, Balance and Communication through practical training mixed alongside theory.

(2) Owen Harris’s talk about DEEP

In his fascinating talk Owen explains more about DEEP, a virtual reality game controlled by abdominal breathing that he designed in an attempt to cope with his own feelings of anxiety and unease. The game allowed him and others to experience deep relaxation and calmness very much needed these days.

Owen Harris is a game designer, lecturer and lover of all things playful. When he is not working on DEEP, a virtual reality game he designed, he heads the studio of the award winning bitSmith Games and teaches in DIT’s new BA programme in Game Design. He has spoken all over Ireland and Europe on game design, community building and production. His mission is to bring about an increased awareness of the value of playfulness in everyday life.

More speakers and details to follow…