Hi VR AR 360 Enthusiasts, 

I’m really happy to announce that we finally got both augmented reality and 360 video at our next meetup along with VR, AR and 360 demos. 

Augmented Reality

Intertisement is one of the very early pioneers of augmented reality and has several years of experience in creating innovative interactive applications. Kim B. Nielsen, Managing Director & Partner  and his team got so many exciting things to share incl. demos and VR as well, that we’ve agreed to split the presentation up over two meetups. So join us this time to learn all about an augmented reality visualization for buildings they’ve created and play around with their AR / VR demo. 

360 Video Stitching + Control GearVR via iPad/iPhone

Århus based Kanda has among lots of solutions created a medical VR rehabilitation and got a ton of experience in shooting and postproduction of 360 videos. CEO Kristian Andreasen will be assisiting Mads Damsbo’s team from Makropol at Cannes Film Festival (How cool is that!) on the technical side. At this meetup they’ll teach us all about the challenging stitching project. 

Oh, btw – Kanda doesn’t stop there. Everybody who’s tried to demo 360 videos knows that you often end up using all you’re time on technical support to navigate the user instead of talking to other customers about you’re amazing video/experience. This is soon part of the past. Kanda is developing an full iPhone/iPad solution where you can control and see what the user is seeing in VR.  

Google IO Keynote

Rumor has it that Google is going to announce an android standalone VR headset. We’ll try to stream the VR part of Google’s IO Keynote, which runs from 7-9 PM. 

Food, Drinks, Networking and VR / AR Demos incl. HTC Vive. 

Best, Theis Madsen

M.D. & Meetup Organizer



A big thank you to our sponsor of food and drinks Intertisement.

And thanks a lot to our host Aalborg University Copenhagen as well.


5.00 PM Registration 

5.30 PM Presentations

7.00 PM Food and Drinks Sponsored by Intertisement, Networking and Demos

7-9 PM At some point VR part of Google’s IO Keynote

9 PM Ends