Good evening.

Lets meetup and get to know each other, and perhaps even figure out what we want to do with this group.

I propose that for this meetup we have an extended roundtable where everyone tells us about their background, why they are interested in the AR/VR (and MR 🙂 space, and what they personally hope would happen with this group.

I think that’s enough for a first meetup –
but of course if someone has an idea already for a specific topic to discuss – feel free to suggest as a comment on this event. And if someone has something they would be interested in presenting, please propose that as well – either as a comment or a direct message if they prefer.
It need not be a project that you have participated in. It could be a concept, a project from someone else that you find compelling. Something about the social implications of VR, or anything.
If someone has some hardware they are willing/interested in bringing, that would be fantastic. Looking forwards to it!

ps. And, let me know if you are interested in being the organizer (or co-organizer) of this group.