Virtual Reality Films and Film making.

6:30pm – 6:50pm…Register & Networking 

6:50pm – 8:20pm…Live Presentations

1) Jeff Gomez, CEO Starlight Runner Entertainment

Here there be dragons: How tabletop gaming impacts VR Narrative

Much has been said about how the language of video game development and narrative structure flows into Virtual Reality and 360 content production. But what can we learn from dynamism, intimacy and visceral emotions stirred by tabletop fantasy roleplaying games? What about old school adventure gaming can help VR and 360 mature into an entirely unique medium? in this exclusive presentation, Jeff Gomez, one of the world’s leading Transmedia storytellers and “Grandmaster of Dungeons & Dragons” as declared by the game’s creator Gary Gygax will reveal all.

2) Antony Karydis, Founder & CEO Mativision, 

3) A fireside chat with Dr Dave Ranyard, former Studio Director (London), Sony Computer Entertainment Europe and Jeff Annison, President, Legion M.

8:20pm – 8.40pm – Pitches and showcases

Edouard Bessireb – PropertyScape – PropertyScape is bringing virtual reality to the property market in London and elsewhered. Edouard, Co-Founder of PropertyScape, will talk about his experience applying virtual reality in property, his challenges and discoveries.

8.40pm – 9+pm – Hands on tryout of some of the latest AR and VR equipment. Announcements, Ask the Experts and Networking.