From shoppable windows to products that come alive in your hand; the worlds of Augmented & Virtual Reality and Retail have collided spectacularly in recent years.

The retail landscape is overcrowded and customers are becoming desensitised to traditional marketing methods. That’s where augmented and virtual reality come in. As shoppers turn to a blend of online, mobile, and bricks-and-mortar shopping for their convenience, brands and retailers are having to think of new and innovati

ve ways in which they can capture customer attention.

At this Meetup we are going examine the use of Augmented and Virtual Reality in the Fashion and Retail sectors.

6:30 – 6:50…Register & Networking 

6:50 – 8:10…Live Presentations

1) Steve Dann – Amplified Robot – How will AR & VR affect Fashion and Retail.

2) Jackie Naghton – iRewards – Making shopping rewarding.

3) Johannes Schickling – Optonaut – Take VR pictures using your phone and share them with your friends..

4) Joe Ryan – VRGO – The VRGO chair: a movement controller for Virtual Reality.

8:20 – 9.00 – Hands on tryout of the latest AR and VR Equipment. Announcements, Ask the Experts and Networking.