Hi VR AR 360 Enthusiasts,   

At out 12 th. meetup we’ll learn a lot about VR and AR as a tool for construction, architecture and urban planning. What is it used for now and what problems could it solve in the future. 

VR resurrected through a passion for games and now it’s your chance to immerse yourself in an awesome real time strategy VR game as well.  


Meetup Assistant Maryna Babych &

Meetup Organizer Theis Madsen 




4.30 PM Registration

5.00 PM “Visions for the construction industry and the application of VR and AR technologies”, Mads Bording, CEO RIB 

5.30 PM “From BIM to VR – gaps and opportunities”, Dan Cheung Petersen, VR Developer, RIB

5.45 PM “From 3D models to WebVR, lightning tool and VR as a visual tool for planning”, Jacob Østergaard, Utopian City Scape

6.15 PM “Kittypocalypse”, Bo Benneskov, CEO Bolverk Games

6.45 PM Demos, Networking, Food & Drinks*

8.30 PM Ends 

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More info about the talks below: 

RIB designs, develops, and offers integrated collaboration and Facility Management solutions for the construction industry. 

Its iTWO 5D enterprise software is the world’s first 5D BIM (Building Information Modeling) end-to-end enterprise solution developed specifically for construction. It is used to improve building processes and outcomes by integrating virtual into physical.

CEO Mads Bording will share his visions for the construction industry and the application of VR and AR. 

Utopian City Scape creates interactive 3D and VR experiences of the built environment . 

CEO and Founder Jacob Østergaard will share the founding story from his time at IO Interactive, as well as how and why VR is a game-changer for architecture and urban development. He’ll also share insights from two significant projects: DOLL RealSite with virtual artificial + daylight simulations and Copenhagen’s new cultural center in BLOX at Copenhagen Habour, where VR has been used as a visual planning tool. 

Beware of the Evil Alien Kitties…

Kittypocalypse has gotten a lot of very positive reviews in the international press and has finally been released on Oculus Store.It’s a VR game in the “tower defense” game genre, which is a subgenre of real-time strategy video games.  Bo Benneskov from Bolvërk Games will tell us about the process of developing Kittypocalypse


* Food and drinks kindly sponsored by our host RIB