Join us for a Saturday of fun playing with anything 3D.

This event is organised with our friends:

Dublin Unity User Group: Dublin: We’ll have demos (AR, VR, Cardbaords, Project Tango,…) and you can also bring and demo your own project at the Show and Tell. The afternoon would be a workshop on cardbaords in Unity.

10-30 Registration

11-00 Intro from GDG, DUUG, 3Dcamp. Presenters set up their projects

11-30 Show-and-tell. Participants present their projects in a free form.

12-20 Preview of the game everyone will be working on.

12-50 Pizza break

13-30 Workshop starts

Adding Cardboard SDK elements into Unity SceneCamera controlSimple sight control. Book rotationFuse buttonParticipants use existing materials to build their unique locks and puzzles. 17-00 Results presentation

17-30 The End