This meetup will be dedicated to cinematic VR and will take place within 3D Stereo Media.

Talks (6pm – 7.30 pm)

– Introduction by Jim Chabin (Advanced Imaging Society & VR Society, USA)

– Juan Bossicard (BE.VR)

– Eric Krzeslo (Softkinetic)

– Matthieu Labeau (Nozon, Starbreeze)

– François Fripiat (Sonicville 360)


– Ellipsis 

– Sonicville 360

– Immersia Films

– Nozon

– Vigo

– VR Zombie Survival

IMPORTANT: people registered to the meetup of Dec. 14th, will get a discount ticket for the 3D Stereo Media professional conference held on Dec. 15th. (80,00 € VAT excl. instead of 125 € VAT excl.). Registration on site, with proof of registration to the Dec. 14th meetup.