Hey Cologne VR-Meetup Members,

more than three month ago our last meetup was held and a lot of amazing things happened in the meantime.
Beside the news of our international VR friends our next meetup will be focussing on VR+Input+Europe.
We’re proud to show some new VR products developed in Europe and looking forward to some interesting speeches (see below).

After the official part featuring some special guests (see below) you will have a lot of time to try out some of the latest VR demos and prototypes and of course get in contact with awesome VR enthusiasts! 

The official part of the Meetup from 7 to 9 pm will be held in English and live-streamed.
(URL will be announced as soon as a stable uplink is ensured – Please RSVP for updates)

Additionally we wanna invite all (future) VR Developers to our Developer Exchange #5, which will start at 3 pm at the same venue (http://www.meetup.com/de/Cologne-Virtual-Reality-Meetup/events/225189750/).

The schedule of the evening will be as follows:

• 6 pm  Setup of hardware 

• 7 pm  Meetup kick-off and speeches, demos in seperate room 

• 9-12 pm  Demos and chats


Mario Deutschmann (Co-Organizer Cologne VR, CEO @ MOVR</a>): 

Juan Bossicard (<a href=”http://www.impulse.brussels”>Impulse brussel): 
“Building a EuropeanVR Community: What can EUVR do for you and how together we can help Europe benefit from the VR Revolution” 

Gernot Sümmermann (Cynteract): 
“Cynteract rehabilitation glove” 

Joe Ryan (VRGO):                
“VRGO: The Chair that Redefines Movement in Virtual Reality” 

Gunnar Gertzen (CEO locomotionVR):  
“Stars of VR at CeBIT 2016” 

Christian Sander(CEO Dear Reality):                                         “dearVR: Spatial audio in VR”

We are always looking for interesting speakers that want to present their projects and insights related to VR. Please contact us!

Demos & Special Guests:

Magic Ride(s) by locomotionVR

Rehabilitation glove by Cynteract

and many more… 

(Feel free to contact us if you wanna demo your hardware and/or software)

We’re really appreciate the support of our sponsors and there are more spaces available. 🙂
Feel free to contact us.