Come and join us for our 7th VR Meetup. We are now organizing our meetup Under the banner of EUVR.ORG. Same as always: great demos, great speakers.

Here is the agenda:

18h30: Opening with demos.

19h15: Conferences.

20h15: Networking and demos.

22h00: End of the event.


-)Curious Craft-Denis Omelcenco:

-) Presentation Workshop VR.LAB

-)Vigo-Universal-Christophe Hermanns:

-)Fredo De Smet:

-)Poolpio-Kevin Hauzeur:

-)KU Leuven-Clarissa Colangelo:

-) Christophe Benoit: 


-) Poolpio:

-)Curious Craft: Pirate Moles






-)Kirill Vostretsov:


-) Vection VR: 

-) Andrew Curtis:

Presentation Workshop:

-) VR.LAB Brussels: 

–  WebVR with Three.JS and A-Frame (MozVR) (10 places)

– Hardware thinkering & Software Crafting.

– Hack Hardware and Software from 18h30 to 22h00.

  (Don´t forget to bring with you your laptop, headset and electric cable !)

For further information, please contact Patricia Barcos at