Be among the first to use the next generation of Autodesk cloud services. Get hands-on with the tools that will help you to create new service offerings, solutions, and integrations for a cloud-connected product-development ecosystem.

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4 Talks

-Peter will present Forge, program , platform and fund

-Lambros from Plexscape will talk about his progress using Forge cloud-services


Solid Iris Technologies is the maker of Thea Render ( which is a high performance physically based biased/unbiased rendering solution. This talk will provide a summary of how Solid Iris Technologies brought to life their software product for Autodesk Fusion 360 along with a discussion on the journey to app submission. 

-Jeremy will present BIM360 at a glance.

Please note we will offer a workshop for those who want to deep dive with us , same location : THE CUBE