Hi VR AR 360 Enthusiasts, 

Join us for a creepy Halloween Reality Meetup, which will focus on Augmented Reality and Visualization of 3D data.  After the meetup will go to Tivoli to hunt AR Zombies.  

OBS Discount Code Below


5.00 PM Registration & Demos

5.30 PM Introduction by host and Theis Madsen, Meetup Organizer

5.40 PM “The mobile AR treasure hunt: City Hunt AR” Michal Hlivka, UI/UX Designer, UX Nova

6.00 PM “Visualization Table for 3D”, Martin Saldert, Visualization expert, Symetri”

6.30 PM “The Zombie Game – Augmented Reality in Tivoli”, Kim B. Nielsen, CEO, Intertisement

7.15 PM Demos, Networking, Free Food & Drinks

8.30 PM Go to Tivoli

9.15 PM Join us for a beer at meeting point in Tivoli. 

OBS You’ll need a ticket for this Halloween Meetup, but you’ll get talks, networking, demos, food and drinks and entrance to Tivoli for only 70 kr as a meetup member. You’ll have to pay by Thursday at 10 PM to secure your discounted Meetup + Tivoli ticket. After that the price goes up to 125 kr incl. Tivoli Entrance. Without Tivoli entrance it’s DKK 40 kr. 

Billetto code for Meetup Members:  ZombieMeetup 

Tickets through facebook event page, which you can share if you want to help build a stronger VR AR 360 community 🙂 


Looking forward to see you

Best, Theis Madsen