Hi VR AR 360 Enthusiasts

This time we’re going to immerse ourselves in an AR book, a VR game/experience and the opening keynote from Oculus CEO @ Oculus Connect 2. 

First CEO & Founder Mark Folkenberg from Books & Magic is going to present how they are adding a little magic to the physical book of  Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Mermaid” through augmented reality to spark the imagination of children. He’ll present the thoughts behind the project and the challenges they have had and will be facing moving forward. 

We move on to more serious virtual reality game/experience. Tusmørke is creating Autumn, which is the story about the aftermath of an an attack and sexual assault. It puts you in the shoes of the victim to experience the struggles and conflicts with fear, the guilt and the shame, but also perseverance and the healing process. 

Finally we’ll live stream the opening keynote from Oculus Connect 2 with CEO Bredan Iribe. Keeping fingers crossed that the bandwidth and everything else is working with us.  

Best, @TheisMacMadsen

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5.30 PM Registration   

5.45 PM Intro 

5.50 PM “The Little Mermaid”. An AR book by Mark Folkenberg, CEO & Founder

6.20 PM “Autumn” by Tuki Clavero & Mikkel Svendsen, Tusmørke

7.00 PM Openning Keynote from Oculus Connect 2 with CEO Bredan Iribe

8.00 PM Networking, food and drinks 

5) Ends ?

A big thanks to our host and sponsor Isobar, who is a leader in Global Digital Marketing Agencies according to Gartner.