Hi VR AR 360 Enthusiasts, 

Let’s meetup this Thursday at Cafe G. and have a chat about these new “realities” over a beer. You can have dinner as well if you’d like. We’ll set up a couple of Oculus Rift and you’ll be able to play + draw with Oculus Touch and immerse yourself in sound with SubPac sponsored by Symetri.


Please contact me if you got a PlayStation VR and would be willing to demo it. We’d love to try it. I can cover your gear insurance wise and I can even bring my PS 4 Pro, even though it would be helpful if you could carry you own. 

I’ve got some great host’s and speakers lined up for spring and I’ll let you know ASAP. Looking forward to see you IRL. 

As always let me know if you’d like to give a presentation, a demo or know of somebody you’d love hear a talk from. 


Theis Madsen, MD

PS At our last meetup Symetri’s visualization expert Martin Saldert demoed their “Visualization Table for 3D”. A big thank you to Symetri for sponsoring SUBPAC.