This month, we will have an HTC Vive and an Oculus CV1 installed at our meetup location so it will be possible to try and compare both headsets.

If anyone has been working on software that they want to share or get feedback on it would be great if you could send us a link beforehand or bring it spontaneously!

A place to go typically for those who want to make content, give feedback to content, finance content, appear in content, or offer tools to make content. Bringing together people from universities, companies and independent studios to see what collaborative VR experiences we can create – movies, educational content, games and research projects.

By joining, you’re taking the following pledge:

1) I’ll keep any shared ideas safe and if I want to use them, I’ll involve their originator.
2) I’ll structure my ventures so as to keep local IP’s and local resources’ returns local.
3) I’ll come to have fun, not to monitor the competition. I’ll catalyze any projects I can.

Naturally, I’ll inform anyone I bring along of the same.

Say “aye”.