For the second time around the Groninger Forum presents: Playground Virtual Reality #2. A playground where you can experience virtual reality for yourself. With new virtual reality applications and games, like: 

1. VR Flightsimulator // NORISK Software BV  
2. Audi A4 Experience // VIEMR 
3. Der Grosse Gottlieb // The Shoebox Diorama 
4. A Breathtaking Journey // TU/e – HvA 
5. Het Nachtcafé // Borrowed Light Studios 
And more! Most application and game creators are present at the playground. So you can ask them anything you’ve always wanted to know about virtual reality!


Tickets are available online and at the cash desk of the Groninger Forum, Hereplein 73. €6,50 (normaal), €5 (CJP, student, 65+)