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Stavanger VR Meetup #3 – Come test the HTC VIve!

Kay Tomas got his order for the HTC Vive in super early, so we have sexy new hardware in place for the Stavanger VR Meetup #3. Since everyone is eager to try it out, we will try to have the time for everyone.

1900: Talks / demos start:

Kay Tomas, Holovation: 
VR news report
Karin Elisabeth: Nordic Edge Expo, DNB
Whats in it for the VR community?
David, FriendUP: 
Consumer Electronics from the past to the future!

HTC Vive demos parallell to the talks

21:00: We wrap up and walk down to ØST for some brew. 

Since only one person can experience the VR experiecene at the same time, we will run the talks parallell to the demos. We do however aim to keep the talks short and make sure everyone gets to try the Vive setup. 

Special guest:
David John Pleasance, FriendUP Director International Sales and Marketing: Highly experienced Senior and Management Executive, with formidable career background at both National and International level. Has even worked with with building the Commandore and Amiga brand back in the day!

Stoked to see you there!