At the 17th festival of gamedevs, we will have a (not all male) panel with representatives of the biggest studios and industry giants of Austria. They will present what they do for not only themselves but all gamedevs. How EPUs and small indie studios can help them, get help from them and how we can build a pretty happy family together to push forward the creatives that make games in Austria. (including people from Sproing, <a>Mipumi</a>, Ovos, Still Alive, Socialspiel,JumpAndUp ….)

And we will have 3 illuminating game presentations this time: 

*) Nowhere Prophet / Sharkbomb StudiosGeorg Hobmeier

*) Shattered / Nonex Games

*) Poledance Simulator / Double Smith

The Vienna Gamedev Meetup #17 is supported tbd and Stockwerk Coworking

For future game presentations, we have 2 to 3 slots open, every month, to present your game. If you want to show us what you got, feel free to submit your game here.