At the 18th gamedev gathering we will finally get some insights what BLEK creators Kunabi Brother are up to. What will be their next game. What did they do in the last years following the success of BLEK and how many things can you reveal at one Gamedev Meetup! Be there and find out what the team behind one of the biggest success stories of Austria have to reveal. 

As allways, there will be 3 mind blowing game presentations: 

*) WakeUp / Tissler

*) Who Dies? / Christian Vorhemus

*) Breaknoid / Joonas

The Vienna Gamedev Meetup #18 is supported by Kunabi Brother and Stockwerk Coworking

For future game presentations, we have 2 to 3 slots open, every month, to present your game. If you want to show us what you got, feel free to submit your game here

hasta la vista