At the 19th meetup of the Viennese gamedev collective Alexander Grenus from stillalive studios will explain how they created a central European city in Unity3d for Bus Simulator 16. It will cover the whole creation  process from the concept phase to the production forging a finished product.

And again: 3 exciting game presentations: 

*) Mutate & Excape / Ben Wahl

*) Ludum Dare Jam outcome / Stefan Srb, Sebastian Merkl

*) Beyondia / Edwin Hofer

The Vienna Gamedev Meetup #19 is supported by Max Csuk (hook lover and IMakeGames CEO) and the greatest co-working space in town: Stockwerk Coworking

For future game presentations, we have 2 to 3 slots open, every month, to present your game. If you want to show us what you got, feel free to submit your game here