At the one year anniversary we are very happy to have Simon Parzer as our guest who shares his personal history as a game developer, how he got involved with Nicalis and what it was like to be a lead programmer on “The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth“, a greatly improved remake of the indie hit “The Binding of Isaac” by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. He was working remotely from Vienna most of the time, thousands of miles away from the Nicalis office in Southern California.

As always, we will have 4 games to show off, play and talk about:

*) Dungenious / Zsolt Marx

*) All games by Doublesmith / Reinhard Schmid

*) Sole City / Georg Hobmeier & Goldextra

*) Asterix & Friends / Sproing

The Vienna Gamedev Meetup #12 is supported by the Dungenious Devs, Leaf Thief and Stockwerk Coworking.

Happy first anniversary Vienna Gamedev Meetup

We hope to see you there.

Stefan & Michael