Indie Gamedev Meetup #5 – Vienna Indie Week #1: PR Special

The way how games PR and Marketing works is changing radically. How do we stay on top to reach the audience in a crowded games market? 

For this topic we’ve invited a panel of journalism, PR and studio Rockstars to talk about what is the status quo, how is PR/Marketing changing, what’s the future of PR/Marketing and so much more.

The panel consists of no one less than: 

• Alex Amon (sproing)
• Franzi Bechthold (Elektro Uschi)
• Michael Hartinger (Bloodirony Games)
• VeniCraft (Austrias most famous YouTube streamer)
• Zsolt Wilhelm (GameStandard) 

We have 4 slots to present your game. If you want to join us, feel free to submit your game here.

The Vienna Gamedev Meetup #5 is part of the Vienna Indie Week #1. Check out all the cool events happening from Oct. 6th to Oct 9th.

See you soon.