Vienna Gamedev Meetup #6 – Success Stories

Due to some unforeseen circumstances we had to reschedule the talk of Mathias Niebergall to December. 

To still give you some interesting insights in the gamedev industry, we’ve invited Gerald Novak from DonkeyCat to share some insights about the story of their highly successful game „Schnopsn“. The official title of the talk is “what we experienced in 5 years of building and publishing a mobile card gaming community (starting off totally clueless)“

On top of that we’re finally about to launch (currently in alpha rollout), a platform to support and connect indie studios from Austria.

And as usual, we have lots of cool stuff to present.

• Chickens (Andrei Ellman)
• VR – Lounge Presentation (Florian Sam)
• Unreal User Group + Game (Impetus Games) 
• The Lion Song (Stefan Srb/leafthief)

The Vienna Gamedev Meetup #6 is supported by the lovely folks of rarebyte and Stockwerk Coworking.

See you soon.