We’re delighted to have John Mahon joining us for our chat this month. As well as being Chief Pilot & Head of Training at Airlink Airways Shannon, John is very well known in ‘Second Life’ circles as the owner and manager of ‘Dublin in Second Life’ and ‘Dublin Virtually Live’.

While ‘Dublin SL’ started in 2006 as a community and social networking area, it became a popular showcase for Irish Businesses who wanted to explore the use of 3D environments in a “City” Context. Tourism Ireland famously used it to promote their Discover Ireland web site, gaining significant publicity for their use of this new Digital environment. So it’s fair to say that John grasped the enormous potential of virtual worlds / reality well before the Oculus Rift was even a twinkle in Palmer Luckey’s eye!

We look forward to having a chat with him on Monday and learning his views on where Second Life and the Metaverse goes from here.