Hi VR AR 360 Enthusiasts 

At our 8 th. meetup we’re going to learn about 3D sound and a smart way to implement and animate realistic hands in virtual reality. You’ll find the agenda below. 

POV (Point Of View, not 360) VR Video:

The producer of “Skammekrogen” Mads Damsbo will present the upcoming VR:LAB @ the film festival CPH:DOX Nov. 5-15 th. 

Twenty artist, film directors and producers in teams of two will be challenged to create 10 virtual reality experiences in only 5 days. Each team will be given a small production budget, a POV VR camera kit, binaural microphones and a workspace in Kødbyen. The results will premiere for a selected audience during this years CPH:DOX. 

3D Sound:

By now everybody have acknowledged how important 3D sound is for a truly immersive experience in VR and AR. 

In 2015 Jabra launched their developer edition of the Jabra Intelligent Headset with true 3D audio, which enables you to hear directional sound as in real life — ahead, behind, above, below and to the sides, based on your location and head movement.  

We’re very happy to have Peter Mossner from Jabra tell us all about it including their recently released SDK with a headset simulator making it possible to develop apps to their Intelligent Headset. 

Virtual Reality: 

Animation of hands and fingers is often avoided in games and movies due to the complexity of animating realistic hands. 


Gleechi resolves these problems through a predictive and adaptive algorithm, taking into account physical constraints from the virtual objects and environments that the animators and developers use to work with.

We’re therefore very excited that Jakob Johansson, CEO Gleechi is flying in from Stockholm to give a presentation about how Gleechi is making it easy for game developers to animate hands that move and interact realistically. 

As always please bring you’re demos if you’re working on something. 

I’m very pleased to announce that Darshika Karunahara has joined me as co-organizer.   

Finally a big thank to Vertic – a global digital ad agency – for hosting and sponsoring food and drinks to our meetup. 

Looking forward to see you





Agenda Meetup #8  @ Vertic:

5:00 PM Registration

5.20 PM Introduction by Theis Madsen and Henrik Ebbesen, Vertic

5:30 PM “VR:LAB: 10x POV VR productions @ CPH:DOX”, Mads Damsbo, Founder and Lead Producer Makropol

6:00 PM “Intelligent headset and 3D audio”,  Peter Mossner, Jabra

6.30 PM “Animation of hands in virtual reality”, CEO Jacob Johansson, Gleechi

7.00-9 PM Networking, food, drinks and a some demos

A big thank to our host and sponsor of food and drinks: Vertic – a global digital ad agency