Hi VR AR 360 Enthusiasts, 

Join us for our 13th meetup a learn about process of developing the VR game Cityscape Repairman 2.0 + other VR projects and shooting 360 videos with Nokia OZO. 


5.30 PM Registration

6.00 PM “Developing the VR Game Cityscape Repairman & other VR projects”, Peter Fisher, Co-Founder & VR Developer Khora VR

6.30 PM “Shooting and editing with[masked] EUR Nokia OZO VR Camera”, Dajo Brinkman, 360/3D   Director of Photography

7.00 PM Demos, Networking, Free Food & Drinks*

9.00 PM Ends 

Looking forward to see!

Best, Theis Madsen



Nokia OZO VR Camera Production:

In April Nokia announced a partnership with Disney to create 360-degree, virtual reality content with their 55,000.00 EUR Nokia OZO VR camera across all of the studio’s various brands. 

Dajo Brinkman form Rotterdam is a 360/3D Director of Photography, has worked around Europe, shooting and editing Nokia OZO 360 videos for clients incl. Real Madrid.  See and learn about the camera, their software/workflow and general dos and don’t in shooting and creating 360 videos. 

The VR Game Cityscape Repairman 2.0:

As the repairman it is your duty to ensure that all maintenance tasks are completed, by solving increasingly difficult puzzles in a timely and efficient manner.

VR Developer Peter Fisher @ Khora VR will tell us all about developing the VR game plus other VR projects that they are working on in various industries. 

*A big thank our host and sponsor of food and drinks Khora VR!