Hi everyone,

Join us for the 1st VR.LAB !
During this Meetup we can demonstrate/experience each others VR creations and be prepared for the VRhackathon 2016.
Furthermore during this meetup there will be a workshop about WebVR.

Pré-HACKATON ( 20 places limit ) :

13.30 : Users arrival.
14.00 : Start a small presentation of the VR.LAB and program for the afternoon : Mohamed Ouedarbi and Andrew Curtis
14.05 : User take place and install they harware.
– Exclusif : VicoVR mobile Body Tracking will be presented
And RevolVR if we receive it early.



17.30: We make a resume on what have been done during the meetup and what poeple want to see nextime, feedback and Q/A session
18.00 : End.

Devices available from my self : Razer Hydra, Kinect 360, Cardboard Color Cross.

From Google Development Group Brussel : Google Card Board.

From 3DiVi : Vico Vr dev Kit.