For developers, hackers and programmers, the VR.LAB enables you to touch the technology, discuss your projects, get advises and support!

Here is the agenda:

14:30 : Welcome + presentation of VR.LAB

14:45 : Aframe + Hardware workshops start

16:45 : Unity workshop starts

19:00 : closing the room to let you explore what others are doing

Hardware tinkering :
We give you opportunity to work with VR devices on your own project or experiences
and show us what you did !
Material :
Razer hydra (2x), Oculus Dk2 (2x), Cardboard, Lakento HeadSet , joystick pc and mobile, Kinect 360, arduino.
16:30 : Test webVR demos users built.
16:30 : Test our hacking app and games !

Please confirm your RSPV on the VR.LAB workshop separately as the spots are limited. YOU NEED TO BRING YOUR LAPTOP AND A POWER PLUG or the hardware you are working with.