Welcome to our 10th Stockholm VR meetup!

Hi all,

I hope you are looking forward to the VR meetup today. We got over 70 people in the waitlist so please change your RVSP asap if you wont be able to attend.

The meetup starts at 18.00 at Södermalmsallén 36, take the elevators to floor 9 where reception will greet you. Wraps will be served at 18.00 and the presentations will start directly, so please be on time.

Also, do note that Frostbite will need all attendees to sign a regular visitor NDA when arriving.

18.00 Food
18.10 Johan Andersson, Frostbite – welcome
18.20 Niclas Johansson, virtualreality.se – building the digital and physical hub for virtual reality news, services and people in Sweden
18.35 Torkel Danielsson, Voysys – live VR video
19.00 My Klint, Myvirtualreality – packaging VR experiences
19.15 David Segal & Joakim Sjöberg, SAE – implementing interactive sound in virtual environments
19.35 Mika Peltol, Finish VR meetup – a nordic collaboration
19.40 Carolyn Henry & Shahrukh Sheikh – VR project proposal
19.45 Demo & mingle until 22.00 (incl. 2 HTC Vive & 1 Oculus CV1)

—————————————- Our dear friends at Frostbite (www.frostbite.com) will be hosting the event. We will start at 18.00 with presentations, followed by demos and mingle. Snacks and drinks will be served.

During the evening we’ll see presentations including My Klint from Myvirtualreality about packaging VR experiences, SAE about audio in VR, Voysys about VR live streaming. Full schedule to be announced.

As usual, we will open up the RVSP one week prior to the meetup (May[masked]). If you have anything you want to show or talk about, give me a heads up.

For everyone who doesn’t manage to get a ticket this time, Voysys will be live streaming the presentations in 360° to youtube live. Link TBA.

Please note that Frostbite will need all attendees to sign a regular visitor NDA when arriving.