In preparation of the 2nd Brussels VRhackathon, EUVR asbl organizes through Be.VR a training for VR tech newbies. The goal here is to provide adequate directions in order to create a prototype that would be technically & conceptually viable. The whole VR training is tackling now the VR creative (team) side (3 workshops in October + a bonus MiniJam in order to consolidate all learnings).

Attendance will be extended this time to 15-20 seats.
Please register via EventBrite (first bought, first in). Registering through Meetup (even if welcome) only won’t provide you with a seat. By participating to these workshops, you imply your participation to the Brussels VR hackathon on 21-22-23 October (purchase your ticket now, profit from EarlyBird discounts – if still available).

** Unity Basics 1 & 2 

** Your first Android VR application 

** VR Art creation do’s and don’ts 1 & 2 

** Oculus & Vive

** VR Design by Andrew Curtis– on Oct 15 (Sat morning)- NEW – More info & register here 

This session will focus on the practical design consideration when making VR software. It will touch on user discomfort and the differences (from regular software development) that need to be considered when working with this technology, In this session we will discuss the best ways to utilise the different hardware strengths and content types available to current generation VR. 

** BONUS MiCrO-jAm by Andrew Curtis, Simon Loyer, Franck Thomas – on Oct 15 – (afternoon) NEW – More info & register here 

A chance to consolidate your VR technical skills through a compressed game-jam lasting 4 hours. The session will discuss the various stages of a jam and feature tips on how to to achieve good results.. During this session the teams will build something ‘demoable’! VR experts will be actively on hand to assist in all areas of VR software development over the session.

The session is limited to 20 seats.

Please note the special offer with the VRHackathon (thanks to the Microsoft Innovation Center, &

– if you participate (“participate” = list of presence will be set in place at each workshops) to 6 VRhackathon prototype training workshops (except the micro-jam) -> FREE entry to the VRHackathon (your ticket will be reimbursed).
– if you participate to 4 Workshops (except the micro-jam) ->50% off the VRHackathon price (in addition to early bird discount)
– if you participate to 2 workshops (except the micro-jam) ->25% off the VRHackathon price (in addition to early bird discount)

So ready to be part of (& build) the VR trend ?

Any questions, please ask below,